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Re: Emotional speech, supraglottal structures and limbic system

On Tuesday, May 1, Chen-Gia Tsai asked:

> While there are a lot of pathological data supporting that humans with
excessive emotional stress tend to have a rough voice (Scherer et al. 1997,
Roy et al. 2000, Freidl et al. 1990, Kiese-Himmel & Kruse 1997), I have not
found much physiological evidence about sub-cortical innervations of
supraglottal structure.
> Any reference and comment is appreciated.

There may not be a specific sub-cortical innervation of supraglottal
structures. The emotional stress effects on the voice may be more generally
mediated by modulation of the autonomic influence on the motor systems of
breathing and swallowing.


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