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overtone tinnitus?

Dear all,

a friend of mine, a piano teacher, recently had a temporary "tinnitus" experience which I'd like to know more about (and I hope it is interesting for at least some of you).

It was actually temporary in a double sense: First, it fortunately disappeared after two days. Second, it was only present together with other sounds (speech, music, cars), and apparently always constituted one or more of the overtones of this sound. It first occured while F. was attending to high overtones (around c4) while a pupil of his was playing low notes - apparently he couldn't swich off this "attention" afterwards.

as far as I understand it, tinnitus usually denotes a nervous phenomenon, essentially independent of acoustic input. we wondered whether this "overtone tinnitus" was rather a very low-level phenomenon, maybe involving outer hair cells.

Any ideas?

Julius Verrel
FB Psychologie
Universität Münster
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