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Re: AUDITORY Digest - 28 May 2004 to 29 May 2004 (#2004-127)

Dear Robert,

There are many free wares are available for this purpose. But the excellent commercial one would be "Audobe Audition" That costs you 299USD.

You can also have a look at speech perception lab wesite of university os Nabraska. It has many good softwares which you can down load freely. http://hush.unl.edu/LabResources.html

You can also try Test tone generator and Multi tone generator at http://www.esser.u-net.com/ttg.htm. These are trial versions fo 30 days. But after expiration you can reinstall it.

All the best



Mr.Ajith Kumar U
Doctoral Student,
Department of Audiology,
All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Naimisham Camppus,
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