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Re: generating sine waves

A system that I can recommend from personal experience is Analog Box.
I have made many stimuli for auditory demonstrations with it.
The demo version allows you to make already small circuits. certainly the
generation of sinewaves with specified envelope and duration can be setup
with the demo version in a few minutes. For more extensive work I would use
CSOUND, but that takes much more planning and preparation.
Analog Box can be downloaded at www.andyware.com.

Leon van Noorden

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> Onderwerp: generating sine waves
> Hi listers,
> I would like to acquire a program running under Windows '9x/2000/NT for
> generating sine waves. I should note that I am aware of DaqGen for Windows
> available from Bob Masta (masta@UMICH.EDU) at <www.daqarta.com>.
> If you are
> aware of other such programs then please e-mail me and I'll post a summary
> of replies. Thanks a bunch.
> Rob
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