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Meeting on Auditory Scene Analysis and Speech Perception

The Hanse Institute in Delmenhorst (near Bremen), Germany is hosting a small
conference on

"Auditory Scene Analysis and Speech Perception by humans and machine"

which will take place 22-24th August 2004

There will be about 15 lectures over 2-3 days for which the current program is

There is space at the meeting for about 20 people to give posters.  Preference
will be given to graduate students and to young post-docs (for whom the
conference budget is likely to be able to provide their accommodation and
meals).  There is also limited space for self-supporting people who are not
giving a poster.

If you would like to give a poster or just attend please email the organiser
Chris Darwin <cjd@sussex.ac.uk>

Professor Chris Darwin, Department of Psychology,
University of Sussex, Brighton BN1 9QG, UK
Phone: +44-1273-678409;  FAX: +44-1273-678058
Email: cjd@sussex.ac.uk
Home Page: http://www.lifesci.sussex.ac.uk/home/Chris_Darwin/