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Re: Tone language, absolute pitch, and cultural differences

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DATE: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 23:48:23
chen-gia tsai wrote:

>I think AP training may lead to certain 'pruning' of the left planum temporale in a critical period.

Sorry, I mean "AP training may lead to certain 'pruning' of the RIGHT planum temporale in a critical period." See

Keenan, J., Thangaraj, V., Halpern, A. & Schlaug, G. Absolute pitch and planum temporale. Neuroimage 14, 1402-1408 (2001).

By the way, I suggest that subjects with AP and RP would not have a smaller right planum temporale. Is there research about the correlation between the surface area of right planum temporale and P300? They may reflect the differences between RP and non-RP, rather than AP and non-AP.

Chen-Gia Tsai

Chen-Gia Tsai

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