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New Book-- Ecological Psychoacoustics

Given the recent discussion of Ecological approaches to studying perception,
I am please to announce the publication of a new edited book entitled
"Ecological Psychoacoustics".  The book brings together the best of
traditional psychoacoustics and ecological psychology while trying to avoid
the dogmatism sometimes apparent in each field. The announcement from
Elsevier appears below.  More details are available here:


and here:


Elsevier is pleased to announce the recent publication of Ecological
Psychoacoustics edited by John G. Neuhoff (The College of Wooster, Wooster,
Ohio, U.S.A.)

Ecological Psychoacoustics outlines recent advances in dynamic, cognitive,
and ecological investigations of auditory perception and ties this work to
findings in more traditional areas of psychoacoustics. The book illuminates
some of the converging evidence that is beginning to emerge from these
traditionally divergent fields, providing a scientifically rigorous, "real
world" perspective on auditory perception, cognition, and action. In a
natural listening environment almost all sounds are dynamic, complex, and
heard concurrently with other sounds. Yet, historically, traditional
psychoacoustics has examined the perception of static, impoverished stimuli
presented in isolation. Ecological Psychoacoustics examines recent work that
challenges some of the traditional ideas about auditory perception that were
established with these impoverished stimuli and provides a focused look at
the perceptual processes that are more likely to occur in natural settings.

2004, Hardback 368 pp., USD69.95/GBP38.95, ISBN: 0-12-515851-3


John G. Neuhoff
Department of Psychology
The College of Wooster 
Wooster, OH 44691
Phone: 330-263-2475 
Fax: 928-244-5577

"Ecological Psychoacoustics"
from Academic Press June, 2004