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Re: Central auditory processing disorder

For more information:

do a google search for

Scientific Learning - the company that developed Fast Forward

Fast Forward - a computer program addressing listening skills

In my own work (NeuroNet Therapy Program), I used a neural network
approach to remediation of auditory information processing disorders.
NeuroNet uses rhythmic integration of vestibular, auditory and visual
perception to increase neural synchrony in the neural representation of
perception and movement.

for more information:


Nancy Rowe, M.S., FAAA, CCC/A

On Jul 8, 2004, at 5:42 PM, Al Bregman wrote:

Dear List,

A woman who lives in Toronto contacted me recently about her
child who has been diagnosed with central auditory processing
disorder.  The audiologist who diagnosed the child recommended a
six-week program, sold and administered by the audiologist
herself, called the "Fast Forward" program.  Because of the cost
of the program, the mother wanted an objective opinion concerning
the program, and any other information that is available
concerning the treatment of this disorder.  I told her that I was
not well versed in this field, but that I would put her question
to the AUDITORY list and that maybe one of the members could give
her some advice.  If you are willing to do so please sent an
e-mail to her with a copy to me.  Her coordinates are as follows:

Tejinder Virk
Tel: (416) 931-9755
Email: tkvirk@sympatico.ca



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