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Job postings for Psychoacousticians/Engineers, Singapore

Dear List -

I was sent the enclosed two announcements at an interdisciplinary
research lab in Singapore for circulation on the list.  I hope they're
of interest.


------- Forwarded Message
Subject:  Job postings for Psychoacousticians, Electrical Engineers
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 11:20:08 +0800
From: "Bee Leng Low" <bllow@ibn.a-star.edu.sg>

Psycho-Acoustician (Auditory Research Group)

We are inviting enthusiastic research personnel to join us in
conducting research on free-field and directional hearing tests. They
will pioneer research in understanding how the human brain analyzes
and processes complex sounds in the auditory system. Psycho-acoustical
tests will be performed in a specially built hemi-anechoic chamber,
equipped with specialized speaker booms to support comprehensive
testing. These experiments will help us understand the benefits of
directional cues in auditory processing and help assess the benefits
of bilateral fitting of hearing devices such as hearing aids,
bone-anchored devices and cochlear implants.

Applicants should have a PhD in Experimental Psychology or a related
field, with a particular emphasis on psychometric auditory
research. Successful applicants will be expected to develop
experimental protocols for testing free-field auditory performance of
hearing aids and devices. They will also conduct directional testing
to assist in the clinical trials of devices and prostheses.

Electrical Engineer

We are searching for electrical engineers to conduct research on the
middle and inner ear. A wide variety of electrophysiological
experiments will be conducte d in specially built hemi-anechoic
chambers, generating output signals such as evoked potentials, laser
interferometer, hydrophone pressure sensor etc. These experiments will
help in the understanding of auditory physiology and will assist in
the design of middle ear reconstruction prostheses and implantable
hearing devices.

Applicants should have a PhD in Electrical Engineering or a related
fields, with a particular emphasis on electrophysiology. Those with
the relevant expertise  but no prior experience in hearing research,
are also encouraged to apply. Successful candidates will be expected
to design and develop specialized systems and circuits for
electrophysiological experiments. They will also customize testing
apparatus to facilitate the research, and help calibrate and maintain
the highly specialized equipment used by the Group.


If you are interested in joining a multidisciplinary research
institute at the cutting edge of bioengineering and nanotechnology,
please forward a cover letter, your curriculum vitae, and a list of
three references to :

     Prof. Jackie Y. Ying
     Executive Director
     Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
     31, Biopolis Way
     The Nanos, #04-01
     Singapore 138669

     Email enquiries may be directed to jyying@ibn.a-star.edu.sg

     Find out more at: http://www.ibn.a-star.edu.sg/

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