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Re: increasing / normalizing loudness for large numbers of wav files

Dear List,

Here's another program for adjusting the level of multiple wav files.  "Level" was written by Tom Carrell and Bob Tice, and is freely available on their Speech Lab Resources website, http://hush.unl.edu/LabResources.html
It lets you set the level of sound files to either a specified dB level
or to the level of a particular file, which can come in handy.  You can
also change the level of all files by a certain dB amount.

Here's a description taken from the program instructions:  "Level is used
to measure and/or change the dB RMS level of stimulus files listed in an
SSF (Stimulus Set File).  It can also process single files, if desired.
Level can operate on either ADF or  WAV files."

I don't know the exact algorithm used, but people in the lab here have
used it successfully.

All the best,
Catherine Warrier

Catherine Warrier, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Knowles Fellow
Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory
Northwestern University