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position at MPI, Nijmegen


The Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics is offering a
postdoctoral staff position in the field of language comprehension.
It is a research position and involves no teaching responsibilities;
furthermore, considerable technical support is available.  The
position will be available from the beginning of 2005 and has a term
of appointment of 3 to 5 years, depending on experience.

Research at the institute in the area of language comprehension
currently focusses on spoken-word recognition and the role of
phonological structure in comprehension.  The research includes strong
components of cross-linguistic comparison and computational modelling.
Current members of the group have primary research interests in
infants' development of language and word perception, and in adult
processing of spoken language in native and non-native languages.
Current research focusses on phonetic perception, the processing of
suprasegmental structure, the recognition of word forms and the
segmentation of continuous speech.  The group currently includes five
scientists and seven students working towards a PhD degree.

The position on offer has previously been held by Natasha Warner
(1998-2001) and Taehong Cho (from 2001), both of whom are phonologists
with an experimental, i.e. "laboratory phonology" research approach.
It is this kind of phonological expertise, combined with a willingness
to collaborate experimentally in projects on the perception of spoken
language, which we are seeking for this position.  Young scientists
with a completed Ph.D. in a relevant field are encouraged to apply.
An important criterion is a demonstrated ability to publish research
findings.  Applications should include a c.v. and the names of two
referees who would be willing to write letters of recommendation;
examples of published work and a cover letter describing research
interests would also be helpful.

Send applications to:

     Rian Zondervan (Secretary to Prof. Anne Cutler)
     Max-Planck-Institut fuer Psycholinguistik
     Postbus 310
     6500 AH Nijmegen
     The Netherlands

fax:      31-24-3521213
e-mail:   Rian.Zondervan @ MPI.NL
WWW: http://www.mpi.nl/world/groups/comprehe.html

Deadline for receipt of applications:  October 11, 2004

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