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Postdoctoral Fellow position at MARCS Auditory Labs, Sydney

To the AUDITORY list,

Details of a postdoctoral fellow position at MARCS Auditory Labs, Sydney


The University of Western Sydney invites applications from suitably
qualified individuals for a postdoctoral fellowship position at the MARCS
Auditory Laboratories.

Postdoctoral fellows are the future generation of researchers. Thus, the
successful applicant will provide substantial input to a structured research
program within UWS, with a particular emphasis on supporting and developing
collaborative links and research funding. The Fellow is expected to
undertake an active publications program as well as contribute to the
intellectual life of the university.

The Fellow will conduct high-level research, development and consultancy
activities in areas related to auditory perception and cognition. The
specific focus of the research program for this fellowship is cross-language
studies of speech perception in infants and/or adults.  This field is
critical to improving our understanding of first and second language
acquisition, and especially of the phonological and phonetic aspects of

Please visit the UWS Website www.uws.edu.au/vacancies/
<http://www.uws.edu.au/vacancies/>  for full details on how to apply.

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Darlene Williams
Research Program Coordinator
MARCS Auditory Laboratories
University of Western Sydney
Locked Bag 1797

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