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ACTIVE listening concerns

My name is Matthew Marble. My background is in expirimental sound/music
composition and continental philosophy/phenomenology.

I am a second year student of the Speech and Hearing Sciences at Portland
State University (in Portland, Oregon) but I am coming to the program with
an intense passion concerning active listening.

I have found a lot of information regarding auditory attention (i.e. a sound
'catching' one's attention) but very little on the joint effort, occurrences
of the ear and the mind during ACTIVE listening.

I'm interested in what, physiologically, takes place during active
listening, what alterations take place that allow us to be more receptive to
the sounds we listen for.
Further, I seek to fathom the fringes of audibility: listening to silence,
inner voices (thought), etc...

I haven't ventured too far into auditory scene analysis and CPE as yet but
look forward to it; and am aware that many questions may be answered for me
'there'. I'm a bit naive and simply hoping to be referred to areas of study
(existent or non-) and articles that might allow me to probe the depths of
this curiosity, if I have communicated that well enough (?).

So, any suggestions, referrals, anecdotes, onomatopoeias? Thanks for
'listening'. Hope all are well and i LOVE reading of everyone's

P.S. also curious if anyone concerns themselves with Cymatics, Cymatherapy -
what, in general, people's thoughts are on it?  Thanks,

Matthew Marble

332 NE 22nd Ave. #4
Portland, OR 97232

(503) 232-7146

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