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Re: TDT system 2 users

Several years ago, I also discovered distortions in generated signals from
the System 2 D/A unit when creating signals that were at or near the full
range (~ +/-9V output), with or without the anti-aliasing filters. The issue
seemed to be resolved by limiting the output to +/- 5V or less.
Unfortunately, I neither reported nor followed up on the problem then.

I have been using the System 3 modules for the past two years (RP2 and RX6)
and have encountered no such distortion problems up to 100K sample rate. It
should be noted that the RP2 and RX6 use different DA converters from the
old RP2 modules.

In any case, and with *any* hardware, I echo Ken's observation that stimuli
should be very carefully tested during experiment development and should
never be "assumed" to be correctly generated without adequate verification.


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