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Re: 'Speak in my right ear and sing in my left' -- Sininger & Cone-Wesson, Science 2004


In the interest of scholarship, rather than self-promotion, I want to draw the attention of the curious to a 25-year old paper:

Divenyi, P. L., and Efron, R. (1979). Spectral vs temporal factors in dichotic listening. Brain and Language, 7, 375-386.

In a nutshell, we showed that the right ear of left-ear dominant people gets the upper hand (ear??) only for the distinction of temporally different dichotic stimuli.

It is of anecdotal interest that our paper was rejected by Science because "...the results were contrary to established findings." Rather than sucking on sour grapes, I am willing to make a bet that that letter of rejection will be worth a couple of thousands of dollars in another 25 years, especially if findings like those by Yvonne et al. keep popping up.

Pierre Divenyi