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where to buy a tactil transducer, tinnitus


I read that the human hearing can hear sounds in the frequency range
of 50Hz until 22KHz. With the age, this range gets smaller.

In some test, the doctors use a transducer which it is put in contact
with the skull bone, to pass on a music signal.

Searching, I've found that maybe they are the so called "tactil
transducers". Although generally they are used as subwoofers from 50Hz
to 800Hz, they can be also used for other means, and go up to 100Khz.

My father has tinnitus (a sickness where the person hears a ring in his head).
I found a page explaining an experiment to try to reduce it, UltraQuiet.
I tried to get information to buy the product, but I did not succeed.

I did what was explained in the webpage, but now I need a transducer
of this kind to play the sound in the range (at least) from 8KHz to
22KHz directly to the skull. I've heard that there exist ones that you
put them behing the ear, but any other solution could be fine (while
non intrusive!)

Do you know where could I buy one?
(In Switzerland or Spain better)

Thank you,

Tactil transducer:


UltraQuiet Therapy for Tinnitus - Tinnitus Information Center.htm