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job announcement

Dear list-members,

Following is an announcement for a position at Audyssey. Please pass it on
to anyone whom you'll think may be interested.
Audyssey Labs. (http://www.audyssey.com) is seeking a full-time researcher
to join its team, starting January 2005, for research and development of new
technologies in the area of acoustics and multi-channel audio signal
processing.  As a leader in acoustics and audio processing technologies, in
the consumer electronics and professional audio areas, Audyssey is seeking a
motivated and energetic individual with a solid background in areas of
signal processing, acoustics, audio, and/or psychoacoustics, and who can
play an active role in research and development of new technologies. The
individual will work with other team members, present research at academic
conferences and in technical journals, as well as work with attorneys to
patent innovative algorithms for new Audyssey technologies.

The successful candidate should be familiar in one or more of the following:
acoustics (viz., room acoustics), digital equalization of room acoustics,
directional audio or selective signal cancellation of audio using digital
filtering, adaptive filtering, time-frequency analysis, multirate signal
processing, psychoacoustics,  surround sound synthesis, beamforming methods.
Furthermore, the candidate must be well versed in developing algorithms
using MATLAB. The ability to work well in a team environment and a strong
interest and history of research in signal processing is a must.

·       Research and develop original ideas, techniques, algorithms, and other
intellectual property in collaboration with team members. Document and
submit invention disclosures to patent attorneys in pursuit of domestic and
foreign patents.
·       Develop new algorithms using MATLAB or other signal processing tools.
·       Interact with members of the R&D and Engineering group to refine new
·       Seek to expand Audyssey’s technologies by identifying new opportunities.
·       Publish original research in leading journals and conferences.

·       M.S. (with at least 5 years of experience) or Ph.D. in Electrical
Engineering or related area
·       Proven track record through scientific publications and presentations
and/or patents
·       Strong background or knowledge in acoustics, audio signal processing,
·       Strong MATLAB experience is a requirement
·       Ability to work a part of a team and communicate effectively internally
and externally, yet also work independently to pursue research, implement
projects, and other assigned tasks.

Please forward resumes (email as an attachment in postscript or PDF format,
fax, or regular mail) to:
Dr. Sunil Bharitkar or Dr. Chris Kyriakakis
Audyssey Labs., Inc.,
2461 Coolidge Ave., Ste. 1
Los Angeles, CA 90064.
E-mail: sunil@audyssey.com
Fax: 1-310-473-9803