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Re: Traveling waves or resonance?


My clarifications on the two issues are as valid, and as necessary, after
your replies as they were before. I am not going to repeat myself.

> 1. Of course Gold predicted spontaneous otoacoustic emissions as well as
> the cochlear amplifier. The reason is that the former depend on the
> latter.

Sorry, but this is another example of the confusion we are dealing with
here. Otoacoustic emissions are today even measured in insects. But these
animals have no extracellular amplifiers. More well-known are the cases of
frogs, turtles, and lizards. All these animals emit spontaneous otoacoustic
emissions (SOAEs), but they have no extracellular amplifiers. They
apparently emit SOAEs, because the mechanical gating mechanisms of the ion
channels in the hair bundles of their sensory cells are self-regulated at
the brink of self-oscillation. There is today plenty of literature on this


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