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Re: Traveling waves or resonance?

Yesterday I had written:

> .... a look at the "real data" of Ian
> Russell and Tianying Ren, who independently found, and published (!), very
> narrow and fully symmetric responses of the cochlear partition at
> The data are in widely read papers, and further details can be found in
> archives of the Cochlea List. These archives are easy to search, because
> they are scanned by Google.

I now received a message that it was not that easy with Google after all. So
here it goes:

Type: /cochlea "Tianying Ren" Russell/
that gives you at rank 6 this link:

"[Cochlea]New technique shows new results"

It is a message from the archives of the cochlea list, and precisely on the
present subject. From there it is easy to read the full thread from the
beginning. The entries I was referring to, in particular, are these:



The info page of the cochlea list is here:



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