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International Conference on Auditory Display 2005 CFP

Dear colleagues,
This is the first announcement for the conference:
International Conference on Auditory Display
Dates: July 6-9, 2005
Venue: University of Limerick, Ireland
General Chair: Mikael Fernström
Web site: http://www.idc.ul.ie/icad2005/
Topics: Aesthetics, Accessibility, Applications, Design theory and methods, Evaluation and usability, Human Factors, Mappings from data to sound, Philosophy and culture,Psychology, Cognition, Perception and Psychoacoustics, Technologies and tools

::::::::::::::::: PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS :::::::::::::::::


The International Conference on Auditory Display is the premiere forum for new research on the use of sound to display data, monitor systems, and provide enhanced user interfaces for computers and virtual reality systems. It is unique in its singular focus on auditory displays, and the array of perception, technology, design and application areas that these encompass. ICAD is a highly interdisciplinary conference with relevance to university, industry and graduate students working in areas that include psychology, psychoacoustics, media, design, music, sound design, human computer interaction, accessibility, audio technology, information and communications technology, computer games, engineering analysis, medicine and a plethora of other application domains.


ICAD 2005 will be held in Limerick in Ireland, July 6-9 2005. Previous ICADs have been held at the Santa Fe Institute, Xerox PARC, Glasgow University, Georgia Tech, Helsinki University of Technology, ATR Labs in Japan, Boston University and Sydney, Australia. Like its predecessors, ICAD 2005 will be a single-track conference, open to all, with no membership or affiliation requirements.


::::::::::::::::: KEY DATES :::::::::::::::::


4 February 2005       Conference Submission Deadline (details forthcoming)

4 April 2005               Paper Acceptance Notification/

Concert Submission Deadline

6 May 2005                Concert Acceptance Notification

6 May 2005                Final Submissions Deadline

6-9 July 2005             ICAD 2005


::::::::::::::::: THEME : Interaction :::::::::::::::::

Interaction makes sound. If nothing interacts, there is no sound. If there are a lot of complex interactions, you will get a lot of sound (unless your in total vacuum, which is not very pleasant). We selected the theme Interaction for ICAD 2005, as it happens to be one of our main interests in Limerick, an interest shared by many other researchers in auditory display, hence we would like to invite the global ICAD community to think more about this. We hope that this theme will also flavour the second Concert of Sonifications, and open up new vistas of interactive, real-time performances. We have several possible concert venues on campus, and will choose one of them to facilitate both the ICAD delegates and the public.


::::::::::::::::: TOPICS :::::::::::::::::


The topics for ICAD include but are not limited to:

* Aesthetics

* Accessibility

* Applications

* Design theory and methods

* Evaluation and usability

* Human Factors

* Mappings from data to sound

* Philosophy and culture

* Psychology, Cognition, Perception and Psychoacoustics

* Technologies and tools


::::::::::::::::: PAPERS :::::::::::::::::


Papers are oral presentations of substantial contribution to the field. Full paper submissions should be 6-8 pages including images and references. Submissions will be subject to blind review by an international panel. One of the authors must present the paper at the conference for it to appear in the proceedings.


::::::::::::::::: POSTERS :::::::::::::::::


Posters are a forum for discussion of work-in-progress. Submissions should be up to 4 pages including images and references. An international panel will review submissions. Posters will be presented on a single A0 size sheet during the poster session. One of the authors must present the poster at the conference for it to appear in the proceedings.


::::::::::::::::: WORKSHOPS / TUTORIALS / PANELS :::::::::::::::::


Workshops/Tutorials/Panels are an opportunity to share experiences with an international community of experts. Tutorials/Workshops will run for 2-3 hours, Panels will run for 1 hour. Proposals should be up to 4 pages including title, description, and brief biographies of the presenters. Suggested topics include software and hardware tools and systems, design and analysis of empirical experiments, psychological and perceptual issues, design methods, practical accounts of the process of developing an auditory display - difficulties encountered, problems solved, guidelines, etc. An international panel will select proposals. Workshops/Tutorials/Panels that are presented at the conference will appear in the proceedings.


Currently proposed workshops:

- Interactive Sonification

- Data mining and Sonification

- Auditory Graphs


- a Doctorial Consortium is also under consideration.


::::::::::::::::: CONCERT :::::::::::::::::

We have several excellent concert venues on campus, ranging from our own main lecture hall (200 seats, used every year for electro-acoustic music concerts) to the University Concert Hall (1000 seats, www.uch.ie).

We hope to engage the global ICAD community in thinking about Interaction, in all the possible meaning of the word. Interaction between things (makes sound), sonification of human action (Foley? AUI?), etc.

Just as last year, we will make some data sets available for sonification, but we would also like to leave it open for ideas we haven't had - yet...


::::::::::::::::: ORGANIZING COMMITTEE :::::::::::::::::

Organising Chair: Mikael Fernström

Concert Chair: Jürgen Simpson

Proceedings & Web Chair: Eoin Brazil

Technical Chair: David Carrugo

Social Chair: Marilyn Lennon

Publicity Chair: Luigina Ciolfi

Papers Chair: Derek Brock

Program Chair: Bruce Walker

Sponsorship Chair: Paul Vickers

Steering Chair: Matti Gröhn

Students Chair: Stephen Barras

Treasury Chair : Thomas Waldmann

Local Committee:

Liam Bannon

Donncha O Maidin

Niall Griffith

Tim Hall

Anne Murphy

            Deborah Tudge