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Dallos's Corti models


In searching for a decent model to use for the electrical properties of
Organ's Corti (OoC), I discovered Dallos's paper [1].
The search for such a model is driven by the desire to find the
physiological origin of the cochlea amplifier, of course !

It was a very rigorous model of the OoC which concluded that :
"Thus electrical interactions do not appear to be a reasonable means of
intra-organ of Corti communication." page 109, last sentence para. 1

The article finished with the failures of the model to match
experimental data.

I am waiting on the next installment which is a model that introduces
reactive components (more then simple resistances) [2]. I wait for it in
the mail through my universities Inter Library Loans unit (thanks to the
medical bibliotech Hannover and UNSW ILL for [1]).

One can only assume before one has read it that it is still not
successful in matching experimental non-linearities which are inherent
in the Cochlea Amplifier.

Can anyone comment on this or give a brief run down of the article ?


[1] @Article{Dallos:1983,
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[2] Dallos P. Some electrical circuit properties of the organ of Corti.
II. Analysis including reactive elements. [Journal Article] Hearing
Research. 14(3):281-91, 1984 Jun.

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