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Re: Real Time Frequency Shaping

Hi Ben,

One option is the SigmaDSP, an audio specific DSP processor designed
by our group here at Analog Devices.  You can purchase the evaluation
board for part # AD1940 (eval board part number is EVAL-AD1940EB),
which comes with a software GUI that lets you design your own signal
flow graphicall.  You then compile the code and download it into the
DSP.  The controls for your blocks are then available in real-time to
adjust any parameters (EQ, dynamics processing, etc).  The board takes
in either analog or SPDIF digital data in, and has analog and SPDIF
digital outputs.  Digitally the chip has 16 inputs and 16 outputs.
I'm not sure if $499 is out of your range, but the software  tools are
included and are really flexible.

Here is the webpage:

If that link does not work, simply search for AD1940 on www.analog.com.

Hope this helps.
Best regards,

Rebecca Reich-Kass
Product Development Engineer
Digital Audio Group
Analog Devices, Inc.