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Headphone to ear canal Transfer Function

Dear list members,

I work with HRTF models  and in the next months need to do some
listening tests in order to validate the models. Normally I don't take
into account the headphone to ear canal Transfer Function (which includes
the headphone transfer function). Is that very important for reproducing
virtual sound through headphones? If it is so, I will need the
headphones free-field transfer function (for compesating just the
headphones), and/or,  if there exists in public domain, the headphone to
ear canal transfer function (for compensating the headphones and the
transmission path between the headphone's output and the ear canal
entrance - given that the HRTF model reproduce the transmission between
the "free field" and the ear canal entrance). Do I am right? Does anyone
know about a public database for these kind of signals?

Besides of that, what headphones are recommended for these tests?

Thanks in advance

Sergio Rodríguez Soria
Graduate Student
Signal Processing Laboratory
University of São Paulo