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Re: AUDITORY Digest - 2 Nov 2004 to 3 Nov 2004 (#2004-229)

 We are about to do a speech recording project in which
 we have to work at remote locations. We acquired a new laptop with a
 large hard drive for this purpose and will back it up with memory
 sticks.  But we didn't want to trust the (noisy) built-in audio card for
 digitizing, and therefore bought an external unit made by M-audio
 ("Mobile Pre") which appeared to have pretty good specs for our purposes.  Now
 they have sent us three of those units, each of which peak clipped at about 50% 
 of the rated maximum.  Anyone know of a reliable outboard two-channel 
 digitizer/preamp for this purpose? We would rather not get into the multi-channel zillion
 dollar units made for the music industry.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Chuck Watson

Indiana University