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R&D Positions at Sound ID

Dear List members:

I recently posted three job openings in our R&D department on this list.
Inadvertently, that message went out in html format which apparently has
garbled it for many recipients. I post it here again, this time (hopefully)
in plain text. I apologize to all who receive it twice.
Regards, -- Hannes Müsch


Sound ID, a venture capital funded developer of listening devices for the
hearing impaired, has three open positions in its R&D department at the
company headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

1) Research Audiologist
2) Algorithm Designer
3) DSP Engineer

All positions are open immediately. Compensation is commensurate with the
candidate’s qualifications and includes health insurance and a 401K plan.

1) Research Audiologist:
The successful candidate will lead the clinical validation of Sound ID
technology. He/She independently develops and implements appropriate test
protocols. Their scope ranges from small in-house studies that support
algorithm development to large-scale studies in preparation of product
launches, which involve external test facilities.

Responsibilities include:
* Independently develop and implement test protocols
* Administer tests alongside other audiologists
* Organize, analyze and report research findings
* Support field trials and interface with external clinical sites
* Represent Sound ID at meetings and conferences
* Support Sound ID research by contributing expertise and ideas

The ideal candidate has a background in Speech and Hearing Research or
Audiology. The candidate must be familiar with modern hearing device
technology and have technical aptitude. CCC-A is a plus, but is not
required. A key requirement is the ability to work independently.

Send your vita and reprints of relevant publications to jobs@soundid.com
with “Research Audiologist” in the subject line.

2) Algorithm Designer:
The successful candidate applies his or her understanding of the auditory
system and of digital signal processing to develop signal processing
algorithms that improve hearing-impaired individuals’ ability to understand
speech and enjoy music.

Responsibilities include:
* Conceive of new signal processing approaches to alleviate the effects of
hearing loss
* Implement and test these algorithms in MATLAB
* Patent inventions and analyze competitive patents
* Maintain familiarity with latest psychoacoustic and signal processing
research and apply these to product development

The ideal candidate has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering or a related
field, has extensive knowledge and experience in psychoacoustic research,
and is familiar with the psychoacoustic research literature. The candidate
has an understanding of hearing aid technology and fitting systems.

Send your vita and reprints of relevant publications to jobs@soundid.com
with “Algorithm Designer” in the subject line.

3) DSP Engineer:
This position involves developing the embedded firmware for system level
operations. This includes data flow and buffering, data logging, power up
and power down behavior, etc. Additionally, there is the opportunity to
participate in the development of sound processing algorithms - from high
level simulation to fixed-point implementation and verification.

* DSP assembly language background
* Experience with embedded system firmware
* Experience with real-time applications
* Strong working knowledge of DSP fundamentals

* Experience developing robust firmware for low-power products
* Fixed-point implementation of algorithms
* Familiarity with speech processing algorithms
* Audio background, interest in sound processing
* Familiarity with hearing and psychoacoustic research a plus

Send your vita to jobs@soundid.com with “Sr. DSP Engineer” in the subject

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