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another octave illusion article

Dear list,

Since there seems to be some interest in the octave illusion at the
moment... I would like to announce another in-press article on the octave
illusion titled "Perceived intensity effects in the octave illusion", which
will appear in Perception and Psychophysics. In this article, we report an
intensity component to the illusion which has not previously been discussed,
and show that it depends on the sequential nature of the illusion-eliciting
stimulus. The abstract is pasted below. I am happy to send out a PDF version
of the article to anyone interested.


Ranil Sonnadara

"Perceived intensity effects in the octave illusion". Sonnadara, R.R.  and
Trainor, L.J.

We show that there is an intensity aspect to the Octave Illusion in addition
to the pitch and location aspects originally reported by Deutsch (1974). In
Experiment 1, we ask participants to directly compare the stimulus giving
rise to the illusion (ILLU) with one mimicking its most commonly reported
percept (IC) and show that they are easily able to distinguish between the
two. In Experiment 2 we show that there is a clear difference in the
perceived loudness of ILLU and IC when IC follows ILLU, but not when IC
precedes ILLU. In Experiments 3 and 4, we show that this effect depends on
the alternation of high and low tones between the ears in an extended
pattern. In Experiment 5, we show that this difference in perceived loudness
disappears if the interval between the ILLU and IC stimuli is sufficiently
large. We conclude that there is a previously unreported intensity component
to the octave illusion, in addition to the pitch and location components.