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Re: estimate of frequency response

I'd recommend first reading up on Jurgen Meyer's Book, Acoustics and the
Performance of Music or the papers that preceded.

In doing room measurements with a violin as a source radiator (for realistic
directivity response) I had most luck using a shaker on the bridge of the
violin and using a sweep.  At the time I was using TEF but any chirp and
deconvolution method should work well.  I had trouble using MLS as a
stimulus.  A brief writeup of my methods can be found in the prodeedings
from the ASA Sabine centennial.

Good Luck,

David Prince

 >I want to estimate the frequency response of a violin and  guitar body, so
 >that I can examine the excitation spectrum.  The only method I have at my
 >disposal is that of recording the body response to an impulse,
 >i.e. tapping
 >it.  I would greatly appreciate any advice on optimising this estimate.