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Re: painfully loud sound

Allan Goldstein wrote:
Dr Depireux’s reply to the location of acoustic pain is interesting. The experiment is simple to perform. Anesthesia of the tympanic membrane can be achieved by any otolaryngologist in about 30 seconds with an injection of local anesthetic along the posterior bony canal wall. Thus expose to painful sound level before and after. Experiment completed.

Allan J. Goldstein M.D.
Retired otolaryngologist.

True: the only difficulty might be to convince the ethical review committee that there is no danger that the painfully loud sound might actually damage hair cells in the unfortunate subject.
>From the replies that I've had so far (thank you all for your insightful contributions by the way) it seems to be not uncommon for people who have some sensory-neural hearing loss to find some loud sounds painful even though they can't hear them. To my mind that supports Didier's and Yale's thoughts that nociceptors in the middle ear may be at least partly responsible, but more direct experimental proof would be nice. (Would anyone like to volunteer as a subject ;-) ?)



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