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ISSNIP 2004 Workshop on Biologically Inspired Models

Title: ISSNIP 2004 Workshop on Biologically Inspired Models

ISSNIP 2004 Workshop on Biologically Inspired Models

International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing

14-17 December
Melbourne, Australia

Workshop web page:

Conference web site:

This workshop brings together Australian and international researchers in the area of biologically inspired models applied to audio and visual signal processing. The focus of the workshop is on the theories and applications of biological models to processing of such signals.  Biological models include models directly replicating biological processes and those inspired by biological processing.

The workshop will be held together with the International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing, which is organized by The University of Melbourne, sponsored by CENDSS, Melbourne and the CRC for Sensor Signal and Information Processing CSSIP, Melbourne and technically co-sponsored by IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. The workshop will feature technical presentations and two invited talks held over one day.

Workshop Invited Speakers

ASSTA Plenary Speaker, Professor Graeme Clark, The Bionic Ear Institute, Australia

ASSTA Keynote Speaker, Professor Hynek Hermansky, IDIAP Martigny, Switzerland, and OGI School of Oregon Health and Sciences University, Oregon, USA

Invited Speaker, Professor David O'Carroll, University of Adelaide, Australia

Workshop structure and attendance

The workshop is aimed to be a high communicative meeting place for researchers working on similar topics, but from different communities. In order to achieve these goals, the workshop will consist of two invited talks, each followed by short presentations and longer discussions.

Workshop attendance will be limited to registered participants.  This includes participants with full ISSNIP conference registration or single-day registration.

For more information:
Conference Web Site: http://www.issnip.org

Advance Program for workshop presentations:

Conference Advance Program:

Contact Dr. David Grayden (mailto:dgrayden@bionicear.org)

Program Committee/Interested People

David Grayden, The Bionic Ear Institute, Australia
Anthony Burkitt, The Bionic Ear Institute, Australia
Owen Kenny, James Cook University, Australia
Dinesh Kumar, RMIT University, Australia
M Palaniswami, University of Melbourne, Australia
David Suter, Monash University, Australia

David Grayden BE BSc PhD
Research Fellow
The Bionic Ear Institute
384-388 Albert Street
Phone: +61 3 9667 7520   Fax: +61 3 9667 7518
Email: dgrayden@bionicear.org
Web: http://www.bionicear.org/people/graydend
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