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Re: research interest

Dear Arindam,

There is no doubt that you are well qualified for graduate studies in the
Psychology of Audition and of Music.  I am no longer taking graduate
students into my lab, but I will forward your letter to persons at McGill
and on the AUDITORY list who may be interested and perhaps they could give
you some information about working with them in the future.


Al Bregman
Albert S. Bregman, FRSC
Emeritus Professor
Dept. of Psychology, McGill University
1205 Docteur Penfield Ave.
Montreal, QC  Canada  H3A 1B1

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From: "arindam bhattacharjee" <arindam90@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 5:05 AM
Subject: research interest

> Dear Prof. Bregman
> My name is Arindam Bhattacharjee and I am currently a student of the
Masters program in cognitive science at the Center for Behavioral and
Cognitive Sciences, University of Allahabad, India. The Masters program in
cognitive science is a two year program and I am currently doing my third
semester. I am expected to complete the program in May 2005. During these
three semesters I have completed important courses in cognitive science
including Attention & Perception, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive
Neuropsychology, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, language and
cognition, Reasoning learning planning, etc.
>  I am interested in the area of auditory perception, temporal aspects of
auditory perception and music perception, and computational modeling. When
auditory perception for speech processing is concerned I am especially
interested in intonation & prosody. I would like to investigate 'our ability
to identify a familiar word included in an unfamiliar language and also
prepare a computational model that simulates such phenomenon'.
>  My Master's thesis focuses on computational approaches to music
perception and identification of certain musical structures in Indian
Classical Music. The approach is to understand and analyze as well as
develop a pattern recognition system to identify a special genre of music
called the 'raga' in Hindustani classical music. I am currently applying
various signal processing algorithms to extract features of interest that
may aid in differentiating and characterizing different 'ragas'.  I am
basically interested in perception and apart from my master's thesis; I am
also working as a research assistant in a camouflage detection project
funded by a Defense department in India.
>  My undergraduate degree is in zoology and I have taken courses covering
various areas in Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology. I am deeply
interested in cognitive science and have also taken efforts to improve my
knowledge and expertise in cognitive science. Recently, I participated in a
national level, 10 days intensive workshop on Computational Neuroscience.
>  My grades have been consistently good and my cumulative GPA is 7.9 out of
9.0 in the first two semesters. My TOEFL score range is (230-287) / 300 and
GRE score is 1060 (Verbal-380, Quantitatve-680, Analytical Essay-4.5). My
score in verbal portion of the GRE is not representative of my knowledge and
communication skills in English. I am confident that my background in
biology and cognitive science will enable me to perform well in the -
program in your university/department.
>  I am looking forward to work with you at your esteemed institute / lab. I
am, therefore, interested in applying to the PhD program. Please let me know
whether I would be a suitable candidate for your program given my
>  Eager to hear from you soon,
>  Arindam.
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