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Voice Command/Control: Best Off-the-Shelf Software for Imbedding in Device?

I'm looking for command/control software capable of recognizing up to 1000
voiced commands with at least 99% reliability and accuracy, to be inbedded
in an electronic device.  The commands would be pre-stored by a single
speaker.  It is not necessary to transcribe the commands, only to associate
them with some data (the parameters of a command).  However the speaker may
voice a command prefix matching a small set of commands, in which case the
device should be able to identify the matches.  The commands may be preceded
by and followed by noise.  The time between utterance of command and
response should be < .1 second.

Operating environment: standard office/home with commands spoken into a
standard telephone handset connected in series to the device.  Ideally the
device would be powered by batteries.

I'm looking for commercially available, imbeddable software.  Any thoughts
on where to look for such software, whether the reliability/accuracy
requirement is realistic, and whether the goal of imbedding the software in
a battery operated device is viable?  Many thanks in advance.

Daniel Gastel