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IEEE Special Issue Call for Papers

Dear friends,
this is an announcement of special issue from the IEEE transactions on
speech and signal processing which we think you will find interesting.
You can find more details on the issue's web page at:


Submission deadline is January 31 2005.


IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing
                Special Issue on
Statistical and Perceptual Audio Processing


Systems for automatic audio analysis fall into two broad camps: those
based on statistical methods and models (e.g. current speech
recognizers, independent component analysis), and those mimicking
perceptual systems (exemplified by computational auditory scene
analysis, as well as early approaches to speech recognition such as

Both these approaches have their merits, and their strengths appear
complementary. The goal of this special issue is to collect work that
integrates these two threads - using rigorous, statistical tools to
exploit cues and processing analogous to those used by listeners.

In this special issue we invite researchers to submit papers that
combine perceptual and statistical principles, as applied to speech,
music and audio analysis. Papers describing original and previously
unpublished relevant research and new concepts are solicited on, but not
limited to, the following topics:

     * General audio analysis
     * Speech analysis
     * Music analysis
     * Audio classification
     * Speech recognition
     * Signal separation
     * Multi-channel analysis
     * Computational Auditory Scene Analysis (CASA)
     * Perceptual aspects of statistical algorithms such
       as independent component analysis and non-negative matrix
     * Hybrid methods that use CASA-like cues in a statistical
       framework, e.g. for separation or recognition.
     * Theoretical and empirical results on the unification of
       statistical and perceptually based approaches.