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Re: Pitch extraction with RAPT on Windows and Linux

The Speech Filing System toolkit also uses the Entropic RAPT
code for pitch tracking. It is implemented as a command-line
program (fxrapt) which runs in a windows shell. Go to
Sources are also available on the associated FTP site.

Mark Huckvale

li qi ying wrote:

>Dear Members:
>     Happy New Year!
>     I want to extract pitch with RAPT(Robust Algorithm for Pitch Tracking),I know that ESPS used this algorithm
>and provide source code,but it's on UNIX.
>     There's also some toolkits like wavsurfer on Windows and Linux,use RAPT to extract pitch,but they use TCK/TK,
>it's not convenient to embed this function in other programs.
>     I want to know if there's pitch extraction codes in C/C++ for Windows or Linux.
>     Thanks a lot.
>     Regards.
>        Li Qying
>        liqy@cis.pku.edu.cn
>               Center for Information Science,Peking University
>               Beijing,China
>          2004-12-30

Mark Huckvale, Director MSc Speech and Hearing Science
Phonetics and Linguistics, University College London