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Subjective Speech Intelligibility Tests


Dear Ayse,


I also once looked for a Turkish speech material but was not able to find one for my research. To my knowledge, there is not a database prepared systematically but I know a few individuals who have recorded speech material themselves for their own specific research.


Last year we also attempted to prepare the Turkish version of the HINT sentences in collaboration with House Ear Institute and Hacettepe University. It needs quite a lot of work to prepare such a database as you have to pay attention to make the sentences compatible to each other in many aspects such as duration, difficulty level, number of words, loudness, etc.  


Please feel free to contact me and I can share with you what I have found out about existing Turkish speech databases, hope it will be some help,


Deniz Başkent

e-mail: dbaskent@xxxxxxxxxxxx



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Dear list members,

We would like to apply subjective intelligiblity tests in the classrooms.

There are many methods. I thought applying at least 2 methods is necessary.

But in literature,it is almost impossible to find Turkish test examples.

Which test methods are most common to apply?

Is it ok if we prepare our Turkish test sentences based on the concepts of tests in English?


Thank you.


Best regards,


Ayce Dosemeciler

PhD Research Assistant

Izmir Institute of Technology

Department of Architecture