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Music and Neurosciences meeting: Leipzig, May 5-8 2005

Dear Colleagues

Allow me to remind you of the upcoming meeting:

The Neurosciences and Music II: from perception to performance

to be held in Leipzig Germany in May of this year. The deadline for
abstracts is February 15; we encourage anyone interested in this topic to
consider sending in a poster. In addition to the usual invited
presentations and poster session, the meeting offers a series of workshops
devoted to methods used in music/neuroscience research. These would be
appropriate for graduate students or others who have not had prior training
in one or more of the methods.

Plus, to sweeten the pot, not only will the scientific content be good (we
hope), but also the meeting is being held during Bach festival week, which
means many fine concerts and performances, some in historic venues
(including of course the Thomaskirche, Bach's church).

For more information, registration and abstract submission info, please go to:


Apologies for nay duplicate postings of this notice; please forward to
anyone that might be interested.

Best wishes

Robert Zatorre

Robert J. Zatorre, Ph.D.
Montreal Neurological Institute
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phone: 1-514-398-8903
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