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Minor third

Dear List,

I'm rather intrigued by the similarity of the frequency ratio of a minor
third (2**1/12)**3 = 1.189 to the critical band according to Martin Braun
(2**1/12)**2.6 = 1.162 (Hearing Research 1999, 129:1-2, 71-82), and to the
female-to-male and child-to-female F2 ratios 1.176 and 1.147, respectively
(p. 215, Vowel Perception and Production 1994, Rosner, B.S and Pickering,
J. B., based on the Peterson and Barney data). F1 and F3 female-to-male
and child-to-female frequency ratios do not deviate much from these values
either. I wonder if anyone considers these phenomena to be related.

Mark Pennington