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Literature on N1P2 complex (ACC)

Dear list members,
    I have undertaken my dissertation in Acoustic change complex (ACC). For a brief introduction: --  it is a N1P2 complex elicited by using a stimuli which has a cange in spectral envelope over a period of time or which fluctuates in its periodicity (amplitude).
  I have tried recording ACC for two stimuli, viz.|sh| and |shu| [stimulus duration: 250 msecs, instrument: IHS evoked potential system]. Althoughg the literature by Ostroff, Martin, Boothroyd (1998, 1999, & 2000), is indicative of a robust difference in overall N1P2 amplitude, but the classicasl response is not being observed.
  What could be the possible reason for this discrepancy. I would appreciate valuable suggestions from one & all.
    Please do also suggest if there has been any kind of previous research (literature available) undertaken on any of the relevant aspects of this research venture
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