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Experience with 01dB and dBSonic?

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I'm working on a project where we will want to analyze a large set of binaural speech files recorded with an acoustic manikin in various noisy environments. These will be recorded using a binaural input on a 01dB soundcard setup. This will be a somewhat exploratory analysis, as we aren't entirely sure what parameters will be of importance. We have the facility to do the standard SII and STI measurements. We'll also probably want to look at modulation, spectral content, etc. We may want to do some cross-correlations of the two channels, that sort of thing.
I have a small budget to purchase the needed equipment. Since we already have 01dB's room acoustics software, it has been suggested that we get their dbSONIC packages for the analysis. I am reluctant because it is pricey and I cannot afford to buy the whole set. I don't wish for us to be without the needed tools but... I'm thinking that it shouldn't be too hard to import the recorded wav files into MatLab and to do any analyses there.
Here is my question. Is anyone on this list familiar with this package? Am I right in thinking that no special toolbox should be needed to import the wav files from 01dB into MatLab (I'm thinking that dbSONIC MAT is mainly to import other 01dB files and graphs into Matlab)? Was it worth the money?
Please feel free to answer off list.

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