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Re: Dogs

On Tue, 1 Mar 2005, Ward R. Drennan wrote:

> Our dachshund used to howl excessively when my sister practiced saxophone.
> Maybe he was singing along (?)

Or was begging for mercy. Who knows?
By the way, are the physiological correlates of "enjoying music" fully
understood? Are blood pressure, serum Ca level, and stuff like that
necessary and sufficient indicators of enjoying music? I was wondering
simply because everyone replying here identified "enjoying music" with
expressions like "relaxing" and "calming down". But for me enjoying music
means some kind of trans-like state of excitement that surely not equals
relaxing, but in some sense just the opposite. Probably there are many
different ways of enjoying music.

P. S.: Has anyone ever took the risk to take blood samples from the
audience of a Metallica concert?

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