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Underwater Soundscapes

about fish...

i remember once i was siting by the Ontario lake in a quiet environment
when suddenly a bunch of motor-marine fans got creasy on the lake.
And then i had a thought for the fishes. they must start having problems
to communicate between them... may be some are already deaf.

Here's some opportunities to listen to underwater soundscapes
compiled and reported by :

Gary Ferrington. 2003. "Soundwalking the Internet: Ocean Acoustics -
to Listen to Underwater Soundscapes". /The Journal of Acoustic Ecology,
/vol. 4, n°1 p.41-42.

1- Voyage of the Odyssey: Voicies from the Sea

2- Sounds of the Humming

3- Fish Acoustics

Claire Piché member of CASE Canadian Association for Sound Ecology