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Dear all,

A number of positions (at various levels) are currently being
advertised in the Cardiff School of Psychology. The number
is not being specified, but may be as many as 5 or 6, depending
on the quality of the field.

http://www.cf.ac.uk/psych/ - click on the hyperlink under


(direct link to advert and application form).

The school of psychology (5*A in 2001 RAE) has a around 40
members of lecturing staff and could easily accommodate a
2nd hearing specialist (we currently have 4 vision lecturers).
The school is very well resourced and is in the process of building
a dedicated brain imaging centre including both fMRI and MEG,
which may be of interest to some applicants (operational
in spring 2006).


I would be happy to provide further details to anyone thinking of
applying. The deadline for applications is 18th March,


Dr. John F. Culling (Senior Lecturer)
School of Psychology,
Cardiff University.
Tower Building, Park Place,
CF10 3AT
Tel. +44 29 208 74523
FAX +44 29 208 74858