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Updated excitation-pattern program

Dear List Members,

Some of you may be interested in an up-dated version of our program for
calculating excitation patterns.  This is conceptually similar to the
program described in:

Glasberg, B.R. & Moore, B.C.J. 1990. Derivation of auditory filter shapes
from notched-noise data. Hear Res, 47, 103-138.

but is modified as described in:

Moore, B.C.J., Glasberg, B.R. & Baer, T. 1997. A model for the prediction
of thresholds, loudness and partial loudness. J Audio Eng Soc, 45, 224-240.

so as to include what we believe are better estimates of the transfer
function of the outer and middle ear.

The program, together with a readme file and example input files can be
downloaded from


Brian C. J. Moore, Ph.D, FMedSci, FRS,
Professor of Auditory Perception,
Department of Experimental Psychology,
University of Cambridge,
Cambridge CB2 3EB,
Tel. +44 (0) 1223 333574
Fax. Tel. +44 (0) 1223 333564