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Re: Join Audiology's "A-List" at 3 diverse musical events during AAA Convention

I goofed on the link to Wendy's site..

..it should be www.aamhl.org

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Subject: Join Audiology's "A-List" at 3 diverse musical events during AAA

HearingAID, a traveling "pick-up band" of audiologists and hearing industry
employees will appear at three events during the AAA convention this month
in Washington DC.

Those attending the AAA Foundation Follies on Wednesday, March 30th, will be
treated to musical interludes and a wrap-up jam by Chuck Berlin, Brad
Ingrao, Henrik Nielsen, Andy Vermiglio and Kent Weaver.  This event is a
benefit for the AAA Foundation and will be held in room 206 of the
Convention Center.

The next evening, Chuck Berlin, Andy Vermiglio and Kent Weaver will provide
musical accents for the Academy Awards Reception in the North Salon of the
DC Renaissance Hotel from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.

Following the Awards and the International Reception, all in the same room,
these and many others will be hosting a benefit concert for the National
Center for Hearing Assistive Technology (www.hearingloss.org/hat), a program
of Self Help for Hard of Hearing People.  The group will create a :Jazz
Bistro" complete with lighting and a cash bar courtesy of the Academy.

Players for the Bistro include Roy Sullivan, Dave Fabry, Doug Beck, Dick
Vassella, Paul Kileny, RT Campagna, Jim Gahn, Sheila Douglas, Dave Preeves,
Mead Killion,  and others will play a mix of jazz standards, torch songs and
a blues jam.

As a special treat, Wendy Cheng, founder of the Association of Adult
Musicians with Hearing Loss (www.aamphl.org) will play a classical viola
solo accompanied by Dr. Arthur Boothroyd.

Individual tickets for the event are $10 each and are available at
www.e-audiology.net/hearing-aid .  Larger blocks of tickets will also be
distributed to select exhibitors at AAA who will be identified by  a yellow
"Jazz Bistro" sign at their booths.

For those unable to attend, separate donations to NCHAT may be made at the
HearingAID website.

Musically yours,

Brad Ingrao, Founder
HearingAID - Giving the Gift of Music to Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

Email: info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx