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Research positions in music technology and computational neuroscience

Please, feel free to distribute this call, and sorry for crosspostings.

Research positions in music technology and computational neuroscience

The Music Technology and the Computational Neuroscience groups of the
Department of Technology (http://www.upf.edu/dtecn/english) and the
Audiovisual Institute (http://www.iua.upf.es) of the Pompeu Fabra University
(UPF) are looking for 2 Ph.D. students and 2 post-doc researchers for a three
year research project in Neuroscience and Music.

The goal of the project is to investigate how complex cognitive behaviour in
artificial systems can emerge through interacting with an environment. . We
will investigate music cognition through perceptual experiments and
computational modelling studies, embodying our understanding in the
construction of an emergent interactive music system, which will learn to
develop representations and expectations in response to the music it

The Ph.D. candidates will enrol in the doctoral program in Computer Science
and Digital Communication
(http://www.iua.upf.es/docencia/doctorat/doctorat_Informatica_a.htm) and the
post-doc researcher could also get involved in teaching in the School of
Computer Science or the School of Telecomunications of the UPF.
The candidates should have experience in at least one of the following
research areas: Audio Signal Processing, Software Engineering, Musicology,
Cognitive Psychology and Computational Neuroscience.

Applicants should send a CV and a covering letter to Xavier Serra
(xserra@xxxxxxxxxx) or Gustavo Deco (Gustavo.deco@xxxxxxx). Questions or
requests for further details can be sent to the same email addresses. <>

Prof. Gustavo Deco
Computational Neuroscience Group
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Barcelona, Spain <>

Prof. Xavier Serra
Music Technology Group
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Barcelona, Spain