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 The Centre for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience and the

 Computer Music Research Group, University of Plymouth, UK, are looking

 for highly qualified candidates for 2 Post-Doctoral and 2 Research

 Assistant positions to work on a 3-year research project in the field

 of Computational Neuroscience & Music Cognition, entitled Emergent

 Cognition through Active Perception.


 The project is funded by the Sixth Framework Programme of the European

 Union and involves a consortium lead by Dr Sue Denham, Prof Mike

 Denham and Dr Eduardo Miranda (University of Plymouth), in

 collaboration with Dr Henkjan Honing (University of Amsterdam,

 Institute for Logic, Language and Computation), Prof István Winkler

 (Institute for Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences), and Prof

 Gustavo Deco and Prof Xavier Serra (University Pompeu Fabra,

 Barcelona, Music Technology Group & Computational Neuroscience Group).


 The goal of the project is to investigate how complex cognitive

 behaviour in artificial systems can emerge through interacting with an

 environment, and how, by becoming sensitive to the properties of the

 environment, such systems can develop effective representations and

 processing structures autonomously. Music is an ideal domain in which

 to investigate complex cognitive behaviour, since music, like

 language, is a universal phenomenon containing complex abstractions

 and temporally extended structures, whose organisation is constrained

 by underlying rules or conventions that participants need to

 understand for effective cognition and interaction. We will

 investigate the development of music cognition by combining the

 complementary approaches of perceptual experiments using human

 subjects, functional and neurocomputational modelling, and the

 implementation of an interactive embodied cognitive system.



 Provisional project start date: 1 October 2005


 More details are available here:




 Alternatively contact:

 Sue Denham s.denham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 Or Eduardo R Miranda eduardo.miranda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx