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Cochlear models

Cochlear models
Ismail Uysal wrote:

"I am looking for a cochlear model which I can use to
generate spike trains using speech signals. My input
is going to be a speech sound file(a simple vowel) and
I want my output to be the spike activity of neurons
in frequency sensitive channels in the cochlea."

The Essex University team can help with free modelling software and
off-the-shelf models.  Go to our web site


and select 'Modellers' Corner'.  

You will find both modelling software (i.e. DSAM, an environement for
building and running models).  This can be dowloaded and is
self-installing on a PC.

You can also download a complete tutorial explaining how to get started
and how to build and run models of the auditory periphery that generate
(among other things) auditory nerve spike activity in
frequency-selective channels. The tutorial package contains complete
auditory models that can be used immediately (or quickly customised) to
meet the requirement for speech studies.

There are facilities for controlling the models from MATLAB and an
illustrative MATLAB GUI is also posted on the site.

After researchers have installed the software, worked through the
tutorials and refined their idea of what they need, we are often able to
help refine models for particular uses to get folks going.  We
underestand that the first few weeks with novel software are the most
difficult and we offer email support to get you through that period.

No software is perfect and we offer no warranty but the DSAM software is
in use in many laboratories around the world and we are keen to make it
available to as many people as possible.

Ray Meddis