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Re: propagation speed of the traveling wave

Dear Mark Rossi,

You might decide yourself whether or not you consider an epiphenomenal tw
trustworthy. If so, the answer is in principle quite simple. Propagation time is
reciprocal to CF. In order to get an impression, you might have a look at
Propagation time obviously depends on polarity. As a rule, response to
rarefaction arrives earlier than response to condensation because there is a
phase shift by half a period.
Most published data refer to measurement from auditory nerve. In that case,
there is an additional synaptic delay of less than 0.2 ms.
If I recall correctly, Mario Ruggero's data showed about 0.12 ms delay.
Lin and Guinan dealt with some particular effects.
With too small SPL, the outer hair cells seem to require a few additional
half-periods for the build-up of sufficient amplitude. With SPL in excess of
Nelson's notch one observes an exceptional early response. According to cat data
I got from Yidao Cai, maximal propagation time does not exceed much the order of
4 to 5 ms. Be not mislead by the idea that the hearing range ends at about 20

Eckard Blumschein