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location of the sacculus and utricles


I am looking for information on the location of the Vestibular regions
of the inner ear from the stapes footplate (or other reference point).

I can find great information regarding distance, however am more
interested in location (3D location of some sort).

The closest I can come is this article :
Relationship of the utriculus and sacculus to the stapes footplate:
anatomic implications for sound-and/or pressure-induced otolith
Backous DD. Minor LB. Aboujaoude ES. Nager GT.
Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology. 108(6):548-53, 1999 Jun.

... snippet ...
he shortest distance between the footplate and the utriculus was
0.58+/-0.10 mm in the posterior third of the oval window, 1.04+/-0.20 mm
in the middle third, and 1.51+/-0.20 mm in the anterior third. The
distance from the sacculus to the footplate was 1.33+/-0.20 mm in the
middle third of the oval window and 1.31+/-0.18 mm in the anterior

There is this paper which I am trying to get my hands on (currently
being processed) :
The interutricular distance determined from external landmarks.
Nowe V. Wuyts FL. Hoppenbrouwers M. Van de Heyning PH. De Schepper AM.
Parizel PM.
Journal of Vestibular Research. 13(1):17-23, 2003.

any other references welcome !

thank you

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