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EarLab Simulator available for download

The EarLab simulation environment that we demonstrated at this year's ARO
meeting is available for download from:


The software runs under MS Windows 2000 or XP and includes the simulator,
data browsing software and a prototype experiment manager.  A number of
demonstration experiments are included.  The simulator is based on the
same software that we use for our online modeling evironment:


It uses a modular approach with each module respresenting a different
portion of the auditory pathways. Our current efforts are devoted to
modules that represent subthalamic structures. In the coming months we
will be releasing additional modules which will be posted on the EarLab

If you have any problems or questions, send e-mail to earlab@xxxxxx


David C. Mountain, Ph.D.
Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Boston University
44 Cummington St.
Boston, MA 02215

Email:   dcm@xxxxxx
Website: http://earlab.bu.edu/external/dcm/
Phone:   (617) 353-4343
FAX:     (617) 353-6766
Office:  ERB 413