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Re: Sound cards

At 06:55 PM 5/4/2005, Keith R. Kluender wrote:
I am seeking advice on the best sound cards for PCs for both recording and
listening experiments.

The primary requirement is S/N on input and output. I know that long ago,
Turtle Beach was a favorite, but I don't know what's best today.

Keith (and list)

A couple of years ago the lab I was in looked around for new sound
cards.  We put a posting on this list, and I think I still have the
recommendations people sent (if you do an auditory list search on PC sounds
cards you will probably find them) but since that was two years ago I'm not
sure how valid the suggestions are.

Some people also sent links to some websites evaluating various sound cards
which are still live although I'm not sure how recently they awere updated:


Anyway, we ended up getting the Echo Gina 24 sounds cards which got very good ratings in the benchmark tests and were quite affordable. I don't think Echo makes them anymore, but their product line is generally pretty.

Anyway, if you want the complete of recommendations I can send them to
you.  Hope this helps.